Leaders by vision Listeners by attitude Innovators by vocation Builders by experience Experts by selection Partners by commitment Contenders by nature Winners by determination Storytellers by design Your choice by default.

About Us

Soprex is an ICT company with head office located in Belgrade, Serbia. We are fully committed to building and maintaining strong customer relationships by taking advantage of the innovative and demanding market, combining this with the power of our international customer experience.

With a very productive team of experts in various IT fields, Soprex is capable of designing and implementing IT solutions according to your needs. Our extensive experience is gained from more than a decade of work in business-critical support for different customers.

Soprex builds its reputation on commitment to provide products and services that improve customers business by delivering maximum profitability and return on investment. Through a combination of expert domain, technological strengths and experience in handling large projects, we are supporting our clients in everyday business challenges they may face.

Soprex has a portfolio of software solutions for various business industries, including manufacturing, sales, warehousing, telecommunication, and retail sector. Our solutions are developed using latest technologies, utilizing sophisticated development methodologies and following global trends. With technological expertise across a variety of platforms and experience in delivering specialized enterprise solutions for various business needs, we provide quality software development to clients in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We are also providing specialized services to ensure that our products really improve your business, starting from business analysis and consulting, through implementation of software solutions, custom development, project initiation and project management, solution testing and support.

Contact us to find out how we can contribute to your company’s growth or resolve a technological problem you may be experiencing.

About us

Leaders by vision

We live in the era of extraordinary ideas and big words. In our business only ideas which are perfectly aligned with effective practice move things forward and shape our lives. Ultimately, our everyday practices, not our espoused values, define who we really are. Infusing vision in each aspect of business is our core task undertaken on a daily basis. We do not tend to be leaders by stunning ideas or breakthrough discoveries but we do strive for excellence in the area of applied knowledge. We are leaders by vision and satisfaction of our customers is our crown witness and most valuable KPI.

Listeners by attitude

Understanding the needs of certain client or whole market is prerequisite for success in modern business. Even so, nowadays it is more likely for a client to be in a position to listen then to speak about his own problems. If we didn’t know better, we could conclude that everybody knows client’s needs better than the client himself. Being a true leader means being able to listen well so here at Soprex we listen to our clients, our market, our competitors, our employees… Let us hear your story!

Innovators by vocation

In order to keep walking down the road of constant improvement we put innovation in the very center of our business world. Qualities of innovative nature are essential for our businesses and this is precisely what we nurture within each of our team members. It is not always about creating a new product or service, sometimes optimization of already existing product, service or business process makes our client’s everyday work a true pleasure. Innovation is a part of our everyday life so we do not innovate because we have to, we innovate because we love to.

Builders by experience

Vision has shown us the path, innovation has shaped our journey but hard work actually brought us to success. Our extensive experience gained during this journey makes us ultimate builders. Full commitment to each task, eye for details and finally our determination to deliver top quality products and services represent building blocks of our professional approach to each client.

Experts by selection

Everything we do in business, each action we take is an act of self-expression. We leave traces of our positive attitude and professional approach on all our products and services. Our expertise is recognized by our clients and this is our most valuable reward.

Partners by commitment

Although we started this journey alone, today we are surrounded with life time partners. Some of them are our clients, others our competitors but they are all around us thanks to the single most important concept in our business relations philosophy: ATTENTION.

Contenders by nature

For so many reasons we are proud to be in global business arena. Being a part of neverending game is an ultimate inspiration for our team. Respect is what we show each time we compete and authority is something that keeps us in the game. We are here to offer our services to world markets and we look forward to new challenges.

Winners by determination

Society has always praised and applauded winners. Being a winner in today’s business environment has so many different meanings. Our vision of winning is based on determination to complete every single task with highest level of quality, accuracy and agility. We know how to run projects and we are determined to run them right. This is why our victory is also the victory of our clients.

Storytellers by design

Instead of telling you more about the way we work we rely on our references. Each customer has a unique story about Soprex to tell. On the other side, we are keen to work with you on new projects and create fresh success stories.

Your choice by default.


Meet the people connected by a common corporate vision and mission to unify different interests and conduct complex tasks in order to make Soprex your default choice. They lead our highly motivated team bringing together technical knowhow, team spirit and entrepreneurship. Soprex executives bring decades of experience to the table and a history of great achievements.

Smilja Stoiljkovic Smilja Stoiljkovic CEO
Marko Jagodic Marko Jagodic Technical Director
Milos Mijajlovic Milos Mijajlovic Business Development Manager


Soprex is proud to serve more than 100 global clients – world’s leading global brands – in mission to turn business data into correct business decisions.

Customer-focus represents the core principle of our company. We thoroughly understand our client's business, their needs and objectives. In order to provide innovative, turnkey solutions we use industry specific knowledge and we maintain strong emphasis on quality and adhere to the highest standards.

Finally, it is our customers who should talk about our approach and achievements so we present you several samples of appreciated remarks.

SKF AVNET VIP Mobile Hypo Group
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