Enjoy life and work @ Soprex

Our team is our strength. We are growing our team to be motivated and devoted to their job. The most important thing for us is the personality of our team members. With good personalities and open minded people we can make miracles.

Knowledge transfer and ideas sharing is something we expect from each colleague because we depend on each other. Our team is talented, dedicated, competent, enthusiastic and oriented towards clients.

We are support mentoring program and each new colleague is provided with the mentor who is leading a newcomer through his/hers first three months in Soprex. Mentor is the person who really makes life easier in this period.

It very important to us that you have a balance between your free time and work hours. That is why we focus on work from 9 – 17 h. After we want you to enjoy your own time and spend it with family, friends or anything else you like to do.

If you live this kind of life and share our values too, you are the right person for us.
Apply now and join us in our intent to turn great ideas into amazing software products and solutions!