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Enjoy life and work @ Soprex

We are enjoying many advantages by working in a company with tradition: stability, a long-term focus, straightforward communication, perfected working procedures and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Our diverse expertise is built on over two hundred projects completed for clients across the globe.

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Why join Soprex team?


  • Enjoy a high-end ergonomic working environment
  • Choose your equipment, stack and tools


  • Collaborate daily with in-house and partnering team-mates
  • Contribute in and out of the team and developer community


  • Shape your career based on tailored training support
  • Step up for an increased level of responsibility


  • Seek an investment for your own innovative business idea
  • Engage in our product development at an early stage


  • Access accumulated team knowledge and build it further
  • Share your knowledge by writing, reviewing, lecturing and mentoring


  • Feel free and stimulated to progress both personally and professionally
  • Focus on the present and keep your balance

After @Soprex hours

We all have diverse interests outside of work. Members of our team are table tennis and basketball champions, American football coaches, enthusiastic yoga practitioners, game masters and food worshippers. To that we can add a whole band of musicians and movie, literature, photography and travel enthusiasts. We always have something interesting to talk about at coffee breaks and team events.

Senior PHP developer Apply


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Senior PHP developer Apply


Senior .NET developer Apply