Five tips on how to compose your resume when applying for a job or an internship @Soprex

November 5, 2015

You may have the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to land the job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your resume will effectively inform us about that.

As we are receiving an increasingly large volume of applications, we have decided to share advice on how to prepare your resume and covering letter to provide information relevant to our hiring process.

Tip #1.

Start with clearly stated personal and contact details. Please include one e-mail address and one cell phone number for further contact. Let us know your current place of residence and if you are willing to relocate. Feel free to include your date of birth and a small sized photo.

Tip #2.

Please avoid graphic and design elements. Keep your resume information clean and well organised. Avoid more than two different fonts or styles and know why you are using them.

We prefer a lean general appearance over expressive resumes.

Tip #3.

Be specific about your formal education. Let us know the full name of your school or university, major course and the degree/title. Include the link to their websites. Even though you are writing your resume in English, do state their names in the Serbian language in parentheses. Please mention the year of enrolment and of graduation, or mention that the studies are still in progress.

Tip #4.

Be ultimately clear and specific about your previous experience. May it be a job, a school project, a freelance assignment, a volunteering engagement or an internship, please list those you find the most relevant. State the name of the project, duration, short designation, team size, technology stack, and – as most importantly – a detailed description of your role, responsibilities and delivered results. Keep the information brief and consistent.

Tip #5.

Do send your covering letter. Let us know why you want to become a part of our team. We appreciate effective communication, clear presentation, just argument, integrity, awareness of both strengths and weaknesses, as well as a desire to learn and progress.

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