dmexco 2015

October 13, 2015

dmexco is one of the most important online business exhibitions in Europe. It is a very dynamic event featuring a trade show and conference organised for the seventh year in a row in Cologne, Germany.

The central theme of the event is digital marketing, and, in a broader sense, the fair brings together marketing, advertising, e-commerce and information technology professionals.

During two cold days in September, dmexco 2015 saw over 800 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors from around the world, as well as the impressive number of 500 lecturers at the conference – many of whom are global leaders, innovators, or so-called “evangelists of change”.

The world’s largest internet businesses, such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe, AOL, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter were among the exhibitors, together with global technology leaders including IBM and Microsoft.

With thousands of mingling visitors, the bustle, the buzz, loud music, cheerful colours and vivid booth decoration made an extraordinary atmosphere which excited all senses and took visitors into a kind of wonderland created to celebrate innovative ideas shaping more effective online spending and profit generation models.

Exhibitors demonstrated ingenious ways to attract visitors’ attention, like dancing with a human-sized robot or “SloMo You” which was recorded into a short film portrait and reproduced in slow motion on screens around the Google booth, plus free pancakes and fresh orange juice, chocolate bars and anti-stress balls in unlimited quantities.

The Soprex team has visited dmexco over the past couple of years. We have expanded our team specialised in the development and integration of ecommerce solutions, based on strategic partnerships with the teams behind some of the leading e-commerce tools and platforms on the German market. Our visit to dmexco 2015 had multiple effects: we met many of our partners and attended a number of interesting lectures and discussions. We became acquainted with several new concepts and had the opportunity to enjoy various entertaining activities.

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