The pleasure of working alongside partner team members

May 19, 2016

Acting as a strategic development partner, Soprex is dedicated to enhancing the integrated development team performance by occasionally bringing individual team members to work together on a partner’s site.

Dusan, Aleksandar, Ilija and Igor have travelled to picturesque Upper Franconia region in Germany to work alongside their remote team mates, to generate new ideas and to get to know each other better.
Jovan and Zarko, on the other hand, have visited the most beautiful town in Austria, Salzburg, with an aim to acquire additional knowledge on a partner’s software product and further development plans.

Daily online conversations in line with a project implementation turn out not to be sufficient for establishing a personal relationship with a dislocated team mate, while shared experiences make up a solid foundation supporting an effective communication and overall integration within the team.

Working alongside each other and directly interacting in line with technical issues was only one aspect of the venture. Going out after office hours, enjoying the barbecue, cycling to explore the outdoors, taking part in the laser tag battle, sharing a meal and local craft beer – all these activities have reinforced mutual awareness and affinity and have helped to build trust and improve the collaboration in everyday settings.

Our colleagues have also had a chance to experience our partners’ corporate cultures with all their peculiar details (including worshipping Blobby Volley tournaments) and to participate in a local web developers’ community meetup.

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